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Glass Work Hand-wrought Drapery Jewelry Box

Featuring rare “Lins Furnaces” art glass, here size approx. 7 ??size approx. 8″x8″, featuring rare “Lins Furnaces” art glass Rare, viagra buy made for Best Studios, Hand-wrought Drapery Jewelry Box, Approx. size 6″x10″

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Time Out Room

WAR PRAYER Based on the work by Mark Twain and used with permission, and this is a limited edition album of music written around the piece, medicine including 2 musical versions of Twain’s masterpiece, one with narration by the Rev. Pancheta Peterson. ***Album is presently only available through Best Studios*** TIME OUT ROOM Old and new music from John Best for use in...

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Glass Work Lins Furnaces Box

Featuring rare “Lins Furnaces” art glass, size approx. 8″x8″

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Stained Glass

STAINED GLASS Music based on my impressions of my favorite Tiffany Windows and other elements of the art of stained glass. Available on CD or cassette.

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