Album information:
Original music from John Best,  combining new age, folk and Celtic influences using a wide variety of folk stringed instruments and synthesizers. Unique and very listenable music. All albums are available at or from Best Studios. Individual tracks maybe heard at CD Baby and are also available as ITune downloads at their site.

John Best and Jean Sagara – Please come back for details.


Music based on my impressions of my favorite Tiffany Windows and other elements of the art of stained glass. Available on CD or cassette.


Original music that takes you from Thanksgiving (The Turkey’s Complaint), through the Winter holidays to the first day of Spring. This is an album you can play all times of the year, not just during the holidays. Music by John Best and introducing Susan Catona. Available on CD or cassette.


Features a wide range of original music in all styles with many songs written around Cape Cod themes. Available only on CD. WITHOUT A CLUE

John Best and Susan Catona. A wide variety of music, many songs written with Cape Cod in mind. CD only. SHADOWS AND CRITTERS

Cape Cod themes and songs of a “catly” nature. CD only 

A wonderfully “up” and playful album, many Cape Cod themes,. If you know my music, there are songs that really are “not what you expected”. CD only.


Based on the work by Mark Twain and used with permission, this is a limited edition album of music written around the piece, including 2  musical versions of Twain’s masterpiece, one with narration by the Rev. Pancheta Peterson.
***Album is presently only available through Best Studios*** TIME OUT ROOM

Old and new music from John Best for use in meditiation or plain, old chilling out. Everyone needs a “time out room”.
***Album is presently only available through Best Studios***    

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