16″ circle with stand featuring Lamberts Full Antique art glass.

Handmade, one of a kind Jewelry Box, Featuring textured “Oceana” art glass, approx. 6″x10″

Handmade, One of a kind jewelry box, Featuring very rare Bullseye “dribble” glass with Tiffany Luster, approx. 10″x12″

Rare, made for Best Studios, Hand-wrought Drapery Jewelry Box, Approx. size 6″x10″

Featuring rare “Lins Furnaces” art glass, size approx. 8″x8″

Features rare “drapery” style art glass

Features rare “dribble”, Tiffany luster art glass, size-approx. 8″x8″

  1. “Deep Water”, stand / hanging, approx. 10″x16″
  2. Lambert’s Full Antique art glass, featuring “pink gold”, stand / hanging, approx. 10″x16″
art glass stand/hanging, freeform design
art glass stand/hanging, freeform design

IMG_0317art glass stand/hanging featuring rare, Bullseye “true Tiffany Luster” art glass.

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